Meeting Time: September 12, 2023 at 9:00am HST
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    Guest User 6 months ago

    Guest User at September 12, 2023 at 11:54am HSTNeutral
    Aloha Chair Sugimura and BFED Committee Members and Everyone,

    This is me, Tammy Harp. I want to pull a Yuki Lei Sugimura by nominating myself, Tammy Harp, to an Honorary Seat on Governor Green's Economic Recovery Commission headed by DEBT in regards to the economic future of the Lahaina District. My purpose is to at least be a part of the kuleana to kako'o a little girl's promise to take care the people of Lahaina. Yes, physically I am not residing in Lahaina but my metaphysical umbilicus is still attached to Lahaina/Puukolii/Honokowai through DHHL Maui Ag Wait List (make' list). Besides, like my dad once said to me, Tammay, working on it is not the same as doing it.

    Mahalo for your time and consideration for this self-nominating honorary seat with the Economic Recovery Commission. Tammy Harp

    p.s. Apologies, Chair Sugimura, didn't mean to pick on you. *aia my ecomment was posted in the GREAT Committee.

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    Susan PcolaDavis 6 months ago

    Considerations for NOW to accomplish to understand revitalization .

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    Jonathan Helton 6 months ago

    Attached, mahalo

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    Guest User 6 months ago

    If there are no extenuating circumstances (CZM issues etc) the permitting of structures, which have contemporary plans and permits, should be streamlined. The bidding and reconstruction of the structures could occur while infrastructure is being revamped. This will ensure that businesses can reopen as quickly as possible. The understanding would be that the new construction would not be granted a Certificate of Occupancy until applicable infrastructure is completed.

    USE THE PROFESSIONALS. Because of the massive amount of reconstruction on the horizon, I suggest using the 'Plan Review Waiver', whereby architects and engineers can attest to the compliance of plans for permitting purposes. Perhaps parameters that do not allow changes in use or square footage could be applied.