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    Mark Hyde 12 months ago

    I support this project, with or without restrictions. You be the judge of that.

    Title to the property is in MEO's name, the property is next to other residences and conveniently located next to a highway served my Maui's bus system. While there are issues of local area traffic congestion, show me a place on the island where that is not the case.

    MEO is a longstanding and trusted community partner and the project will deliver critically needed affordable housing. A land swap at this stage of development and in light of the current housing crisis would be tragic.

    The lack of affordable housing on Maui is having immense impact on the island's social fabric, public safety and economic well-being. It is impacting recruitment and retention of teachers, nurses, doctors, police, workers of all other stripes and description and our youth's ability to remain here. Immediate action is required to address this. Approval of this project will be one small step in that direction.