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    Guest User about 3 years ago

    Items in Draft West Maui Community Plan (WMCP) and in particular items that relate to the K2020 Project:

    Department of Planning Transmittal Letter to Council:
    800 acres of additional PKOS to promote, resiliences, resource protection and community health.
    -It appears that the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) were not consulted with on all this acreage.
    Engaged county agencies in all phases of the process. Were They are they?
    -When I spoke to Director Peters she said she was unaware of in particular the 97 acres in K2020 and the 200 acres on KSBE lands. Additionally, The County's own Department of Environmental Management (DEM) Environmental, Protection and Sustainability (EP&S) has been working for few years to build a West Maui Green Waste Facility on the KSBE land. Keith Chang of KSBE says they will be submitting testimony to keep their lands in Agriculture. Tamara Farnsworth director of the DEM EP&S Division along with Gretchen Losano West Maui Green Cycle LLC.are also supportive of keeping KSBE lands in AG.

    Pg.21 West Maui fattest growing population infall of Maui County and State. WM pop growth projected to grow to 35,754 by 2040. 13,358 housing units will be needed.
    -The K2020 project would help fulfill this need when units are built to alleviate the strain on housing, roads, transit, infrastructure and other Resources.

    Pg.22 residents support construction of new housing targeted for Residents of Maui.
    -K2020 will provide low-med affordable housing.

    Pg.24 Next 20 years housing affordability for residents will be a central goal.
    Future Land Use decisions will be grounded on Smart Growth.
    Final 5 Goals- K2020 in line with ALL!

    Pg.25 WM Vision: Range of Affordable Housing, Community Services, Diversifies economy with family wage jobs, public education, Healthcare, Ample access to pkos mauka to makai.
    -All this built into K2020 Plan !!

    Pg.27 Section 2 Policy Framework Methodology
    For Landowners- Consider whether project is consistent.
    County Planners- Review project & streamline the process without sacrificing community's vision for the future.
    Then Decision ought to be:
    -K2020 is consistent all the way from the General Plan, Maui Island Plan and needs to be kept consistent in WMCP by keeping K2020 whole.

    Pg.31 Goal Ready and Resilient
    Important that the Transportation network connects people to their places of work, shops, schools, parks and other locations. These systems affect residents" quality of life and health of our environment.
    -This is totally the lay out for the K2020 Plan.

    Policies Pg.31 Climate Change & Sea Level Rise(SLR)
    -All of K2020 well out of the inundation zone of SLR.

    Pg.32 Fire and Emergency Management
    Policy 2.1.7 Require all projects to incorporate defensible space around perimeter and open maintenance per Maui Fore Department (MFD).
    - K2020 has green openspaxce buffer zones around perimeter of entire project.

    Policy 2.1.8 Require new buildings that will serve as emergency shelters to be built to hurricane standards.
    - Buildings will all be built to code. During entitlement process designating buildings as Emergency Shelters will be vetted then.

    Policy 2.1.9 Development of Firebreaks and Bioswales to be used for recreational paths and greenways around existing communities.
    - K2020 is surrounded by Green Spaces purposely giving space between nearby community.

    Pg.32 WATER
    Policy 2.1.10 Public and private coordinate water development.
    - Puukoli'i Village Mauka (PVM) Project by Kaanapali Land Management Co. Mauka of K2020 has 1 well and 2 water tanks to feed into their projects.

    Policy 2.1.11 New development to install landscaping that reduces water use and use of gray water where State Department of Health allows it.
    - K2020 would have an opportunity to build in infrastructure to assist with this and if they have Homeowner Associations (HOA) and C,C&R'S this type of language. One project in Kihei forced homeowners to grow green lawns. My friend who lived there said, "What if I want to cut down on my water bill and have a rock garden?"

    Policy 2.1.12 New developments in WM shall connect to County or Private purveyor, design to allow future connections.
    - K2020 collaborating with Brian Hoyles Hospital project in connecting utilities. K2020 South portion would increase infrastructure connectivity to Department of Hawaiian Homelands(DHHL) and Hawaii Housing Finance Development Corp. (HHFDC) projects well into the future.

    Pg.35 2.2 GOAL A complete , balanced and connected transportation network.
    - K2020 focuses on the importance of a transportation network that is safe, comfortable and accessible for all, from Keiki to Kupuna, wheelchairs to bicycles and cars to public transit.

    Policy 2.2.1 Improve WM transportation network. In corpora complete streets.
    - K2020 has set aside land for a Transit Center. The entire Plan has incorporated Complete Street Designs.

    Policy 2.2.3 Establish "Safe Routes" are street networks that safely accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists to get get from homes, to schools, parks, shops, jobs and services.
    - K2020 spells this out precisely!!

    Policy 2.2.5 Support increased Transit Service
    - K2020 has set aside land for a Transit Center.
    Policy 2.2.6 Support construction of the Lahaina Bypass Road.
    KLMC has already done an EIS for it and paid in $3 million towards the Bypass.
    Policy 2.2.10 Improve resilience of transportation system to SLR, flooding and wildfires.
    - K2020 project will have a Transit Hub way out of the Hazard Inundation Zones, multiple strategically placed retention detention basins all throughout the project and with a built environment increases the possibilities of wildfires to be extinguished.
    -Policy 2.2.12 Support extension of Mill St and [Kuhua St] as an alternative parallel road to Hwy 30 and bypass.
    I think Kuhua St needs to be added in or delete Mill St and only put in Kuhua St.

    Pg.39 2.3 GOAL Responsible stewardship of resources, culture and character.
    -Policy 2.3.2 Gulches Shall remain inOS no new permanent structures in or within 100 ft of the top of bank unless Low Impact Development (LID) strategies are implemented to prevent stormwater runoff.
    -Question? current gulches have Ziplines. Will these activities be prevented or supported?
    -K2020 already is proposing all gulches on their property in OS and the will not have developments upon embankments, they will keep a swath of land for Mauka to Makai access. LID Strategies will be abided.

    Policy 2.3.5 Require LID to reduce stormwater runoff and protect water quality.
    - K2020 has multiple strategically placed Detention Basins.
    Policy 2.3.9 Support a Thriving paddling community at Hanakao'o Beach Park
    -SNEAKY verbiage. WE really should be supporting ALL paddling options throughout West Maui! Why only canoe beach?Very odd. Since, per CPAC reason for 97 acres in PKOS in Kaanapali South was mainly to move Canoe Hales across the street due to SLR. K2020 already has 10 acres designated in this area. Having spoken to the canoe clubs about this , one they never heard of moving their canoe hales, one generational Ohana said, "over our dead bodies you move the hales!". Also ,asked if they would need 97 acres should their hales be threatened by SLR ? Their answer was, "No" I then asked if 10 acres would suffice and they said "plenty!". KLMC is very open to assisting with hales on their 10 acres.
    If there's something to support and move that would be the Graveyard. For sure sometime in the far future, these graves will be under water. KLMC is open to having their proposed Memorial Park to have reinterment of burials there if County or anyone willing move them out of harms way.

    Policy 2.3.16 All development projects shall engage in consultation with the Aha Moku O Maui representative of area.
    -Hopefully, Felimon Sadang and Ke'eaumoku Kapu were consulted.

    Pg.49 GOAL 2.4 Economic opportunity through innovation and collaboration. It's important to strengthen and diversify Maui's economy has been a common goal in economic development initiatives for many years. Attract and retain a diverse range of business sectors.
    - K2020 can create a Medical based Community, housing for the Hospital, medical center and wellness center workers. Diversify by growing Medicinal agriculture to be incorporated on KLMC lands. It's Small Town Centers/mixed uses can be major opportunities for all sorts of entrepreneurs. Sky's the Limit!!!

    The WMCP facilitates creation of livable communities by the development of complete, balanced and connected transportation network to facilitate the orderly movement of people and freight.
    - K2020 will have the bypass and a parallel road to Hwy 30 to help with moving people/freight. The network of roads will create a livable community.
    The WMCP supports construction of rental and ownership housing that is affordable to local employees and their families.
    - K2020 will have low-med affordable housing and senior housing.

    Pg.50 This GOAL is committed to supporting the creation of livable communities, with complete and connected transportation network, attaining housing for residents, and sufficient lands ready to support a diverse range of businesses.
    - Totally spells out K2020!!!
    Policy 2.4.1 Support agriculture that provides jobs, improves soil health , is less water intensive and provides food and products for local markets.
    - KLMC already doing Coffee farms . K2020 very supportive of incorporating these items.

    Policy 2.4.4 Support AG that is small scale, of self subsistence farming.
    - K2020 will have a community garden on 3.7 acre parcel in Puukolii Village Mauka (PVM).

    Policy 2.4.5 Support Small Business
    -K2020 Small Town Centers/mixed use areas will be conducive to small business endeavors.
    To Be Continued
    Mahalo, Elle Cochran

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    Guest User about 3 years ago

    The West Maui Plan must be enforceable for all of West Maui. Shall and must need to be the wording over should and may.
    The Community Plans represent thousands of hours of community members working together to codify their vision for
    a living Community.

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    Guest User about 3 years ago

    What we have been seeing now for years are families being disenfranchised because of low wages and a shortage of housing. This is not just as a result of Covid it's because of waffling among our politicians and county who didn't want to take a firm stand for their constituents. Now we need these code reforms and progressive changes more than ever before.

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    Guest User about 3 years ago

    I support affordable housing for West Maui. I also support the sustainable approach of housing our community and offering affordable options for our residents with state IDs.

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    Guest User about 3 years ago

    I support affordable housing for West Maui. I also support the sustainable approach of housing our community and offering affordable options for our residents with state IDs.