Meeting Time: April 15, 2021 at 9:00am HST

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    Kahoiwai Kawaa about 3 years ago

    Aloha my name is Kaho’iwai Kawa’a,

    I am a math teacher at Molokai Middle School. I am testifying on behalf of BFED-1 in support of Maui Economic Development Board’s Economic Development Grant under the Maui County Office of Economic Development.”

    The MEDB STEMworks program has been a great support to our Middle School 434 STEM class students for the past several years. They provided teachers with multiple professional development opportunities such as: learning how to implement STEMworks innovative tools such as GPS Story Mapping; perusing through a STEMworks playground where teachers and students can actively tinker with the variety of stem hands on activities; working with circuitry creating our own greeting cards that light up when the button is pressed; coding ozobots to move across line patterns; and collaborating with other STEMworks teachers highlighting our different programs around the state.

    This year due to the challenges and constraints of the Pandemic, MEDB has made it possible for our Molokai Middle School girls to attend the Invite a Girl to Engineering Day (IGED) conference virtually. My students really enjoyed the conference. Our Principal showed his support by dressing up like an Engineer with his hard hat walking around campus.

    The students enjoyed listening to women who are experts in their respective fields of engineering. It was an eye-opening experience for the girls. One of my students impressed me with her constant comments about the guest speakers sharing their experiences as engineers. My students were thankful for being a part of the conference from beginning to end. The students are looking forward to the upcoming Virtual STEM Conference at the end of this month.

    This STEMworks effort is a great way to expose our students to a plethora of 21st century STEM jobs that they will be prepared for in the future. The STEMworks program also gives students the opportunity to attend conferences and internships, wonderful opportunities for our Molokai students. These include the annual Hawaii STEM Conference, Girl Power events, and Summer Intern programs.

    Please continue to support MEDB STEMworks programs for Maui County and Molokai.


    Kumu Kaho’iwai Kawa’a
    Grade 8 Math Instructor
    Molokai Middle School

    April 15, 2021


    Good morning my name is Nohealani Rojas, I'm from Kumu Kahoiwai Kawaa’s 8th grade math class at Molokai MIddle school.

    I am testifying on BFED-1 in support of Maui Economic Development Boardʻs Economic Development Grant under the Maui County Office of Economic Development.

    I had the opportunity to attend a virtual all girls conference about engineering that was posted by the STEMWORKS program .

    I am thankful for the opportunity to attend the conference because I learned about possible job opportunities and how I can decide which college I can attend.

    I liked learning about all the experiences and challenges that the women shared with us. For example the lady expert who told us about how she helped to design the interior inside of the plane and how she had to make it so that it was convenient but still comfortable.

    I also like to learn about the lady who shared her experience traveling and her challenges to get used to travelling. I especially liked the way she told us how she got to explore and stay in the places that she traveled.

    The challenge at the end was the most fun because it was hands on experience which made me and my friends who got to attend have fun plus it was a bonus to be able to skip a few classes.
    This experience was fun and exciting.

    Please keep funding this program so I can be a part of it in high school next year.


    Nohealani Rojas

    April 15, 2021


    Good , my name is Uilani Dizon from Kumu Kahoiwai Kawaa’s math class at Molokai Middle School
    morning I am testifying on BFED-1 in support of Maui Economic Development Boardʻs Economic Development Grant under the Maui County Office of Economic Development.

    I had the opportunity to attend a virtual all girls conference about Engineering hosted by the MEDB STEMWORKS Program.

    I am thankful for the opportunity to attend this conference because I got to learn more about Engineering and job opportunities. I got some ideas from other adult women who explained their jobs including engineering. These ladies were experts and were able to teach girls in middle school that motivated us to plan for our future.

    I learned a lot from this, we were able to create a prototype paper robot using a watch battery and copper tape. STEMWORKS mailed all of the materials that we needed to participate in building a handmade product and it also allowed us to skip a few of our classes for the day. I am thankful that our other teachers and our Principal supported us that day too.

    All in all, this experience was fun and exciting. Please keep funding this program because it really is a learning experience for those who want to be engineers one day.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Uilani Dizon

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    BFED Committee about 3 years ago

    Testimonies received from BFED Committee.

    Attachments: Testimonies.pdf
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    Billy Jalbert about 3 years ago

    Aloha Budget, Finance and Economic Development Committee,

    My name is Billy Jalbert,

    I am the president of the board of PYCC, a Paia resident and business owner and a parent!

    PYCC is a north shore institution that has made Paia a better, cleaner and safer place for all! Year in and year out PYCC has helped build our community through our youth, whether in the programs that educate and nourish our youth to specific events like Beachfest. Many folks take PYCC for granted. We are truly grateful that the County Council does not and we genuinely appreciate your support.

    2020 was a trying year for many throughout the world and on Maui. PYCC proved to be an incredible resource / haven for many youth during the pandemic. They say in hard times, the best demonstrate their value more than ever. PYCC did so.

    We understand Covid did a job on the budget and will continue to pose challenges for many years. That said, PYCC demonstrated its value and need to the community more than ever in 2020. We hope that you will keep our funding steady for the next fiscal year!

    Mahalo nui loa,

    Billy Jalbert
    Paia Youth Council, Inc.