Meeting Time: April 15, 2021 at 9:00am HST

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    Guest User almost 3 years ago

    Fixing PYCC Parking Lot, my god, it is the worst parking lot I have ever seen in my life, nothing is even close to how bad the pot holes are.

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    Guest User almost 3 years ago

    Testimony on BFED-1 in support of Maui Economic Development Board 's Economic Development Grant under the Maui County Office of Economic Development

    My name is Moses Timbal and I am testifying on BFED-1 in support of Maui Economic Development Board's Economic Development Grant under the Maui County Office of Economic Development.

    It is with sincere gratitude that I was able to get some financial assistance from MEDB to help us through the very hard and trying times of the Covid 19 pandemic.especially between March 19, 2020 to December 2020,

    In early March 2020, my business invested some money into expanding and improving our business when on, March 19, 2020, was forced to close like all other non-essential businesses. I was not able to continue my expansion and fell into some hard times. My CPA Ross Fusato gave us some information about a Maui County MEDB program. and I applied.

    As far as I'm concerned, the help I got was God sent. I was able to continue and finish my expansion project and improve our business. Among some of the things I had done was to put up and construct a 20x40 tent (see attached) and also put up 4 new signs for our business (see attached) but time would tell.the effects of the work I had done.

    We have been open now for about 6 months and business is doing much better than we expected. Since tour vans come to our business they come at 50% capacity and usually bring their own lunches and eat at our place. They know that they need to practice social distancing which means, for us, each tent will have only 30 to 40 percent capacity. Whew!!! Good thing I added a larger tent. It is especially going to be a great help when Covid 19 restrictions have ended.

    The 4 new signs that I put up also had a big part in improving our business. This time I had two sets of signs made. One sign with our business name and other sign with the products my wife and I make. We knew that when we opened again, the tour vans would return, which they did, but the car traffic has more than doubled, specifically asking for the products we make. Each sign is located facing in the direction that the cars are coming both ends of our property so people can see it from both directions when pass by. The sign, with the pictures of the products we make, have made a big impact on our business.

    Thank God for the MEDB programs that Maui county has. We would not be in the position we are in today if not for it. I'm sure other small businesses like ours have found it a "game changer" through this very harsh and trying times in our lives of COVID 19 Pandemic.

    My wife Virginia and I are sincerely grateful for your support.

    Moses K. Timbal, Jr.

    Tropical Flowers and Bouquets of Hawaii
    dba Kailan's Gift Shop

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    Kimberly Thayer almost 3 years ago

    Aloha mai kakou,

    My name is Kimberly Thayer. I am a member of the 2010 class of Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows, and I am submitting testimony in support for continued funding for the Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows Program.

    After my year in the program, I felt inspired and equipped to actively contribute to the betterment of Maui, through both volunteering and my professional career. Following one of my classmates, I applied for and was chosen to be a member of the Maui County Arborist Committee where I initially served as Vice Chair and then as Chairperson for several years, seeing to the update of the Maui County Planting Plan as well as several additions to the list of Exceptional Trees of Maui County. Meanwhile, I became one of the original board members of Ke Kula 'o Pi'ilani, a groundbreaking independent, non-profit Hawaiian immersion elementary school. Directly following one of the monthly halawai, I began to serve as a volunteer docent for The Nature Conservancy, leading educational hikes into Waikamoi Preserve, which I continue to do to this day. Through this and through a relationship I had built with another Fellow, I was able to land a job with the Mauna Kahalawai Watershed Partnership (formerly the West Maui Mountains Watershed Partnership) where I exercise my passion for protecting our native ecosystems. My job duties here include public outreach and education, and in this capacity I have circled back to the Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows Program. Every year at one of their halawai, I now speak to the Fellows to help educate them about our island's native ecosystems, watersheds, and freshwater resources.

    My year in the program stands as one of the most enlightening and enriching years of my life. Ka Ipu Kukui led me to connect with people and pursue new endeavors and I wouldn't have otherwise--were it not for Ka Ipu Kukui, I would not be where I am today. Most all of my fellow Fellows share stories similar to my own, many of them creating and achieving far more than I. For the sake of ensuring that we have bright, engaged, and motivated leaders to steward a promising future for Maui County, funding and support for Ka Ipu Kukui should most definitely continue.

    Mahalo nui loa for your time and consideration.
    Kimberly Thayer

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    Guest User almost 3 years ago

    I’m writing in support of the Maui Economic Development Board’s Economic Development Grant. The MEDB supports Pukalani Elementary School’s STEMWorks after school program and the Pukalani Elementary STEM Imagineers Robotics Team. Both of my kids have benefited from these programs. My 2nd grader did a coding class last year and looks forward to exploring more STEM classes post pandemic. My 5th grader has done coding, movie making, and has been on the robotics team the past 2 years.

    Ever since my son discovered that robotics was his passion, his confidence level soared. He has found his niche at school with like minded students who work hard to complete their goal. The team has been competitive throughout the island, state, country, and world. The lessons he has learned in the past two years will last him a lifetime. With the support of the Maui Economic Development Board, he has had amazing opportunities throughout his elementary school career.

    This year MEDB was willing to purchase game elements and cover registration fees for students interested in building and competing as a one man team. My son took up the opportunity and has built and virtually competed in robotics competitions from our garage. He won 1st place at the virtual Hawaii State Championship this year and will compete at the VEX Robotics World Championship virtually at the end of May. In otherwise boring pandemic times, MEDB gave him the opportunity to put his energy towards something positive and productive. It has kept his spirits and confidence up.

    With the Maui Economic Development Board’s support, both my kids have had an incredible experience at Pukalani Elementary school. I hope they can continue to support the school and our community in the future.

    Thank you for your time,

    Christina Wehner

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    Guest User almost 3 years ago

    Craig Nihei
    Kula, Maui, Hawaii 96790

    April 9, 2021

    Subject: FY 2022 NARRATIVE

    To Whom It May Concern,

    This testimony is in regards to the Kula Vacuum Cooling Facility. I am writing this testimony to show support for this facility’s plan to repair the existing equipment with the help of Maui County. In its current state, the facility at this time, offers vacuum cooling, icing, forced air cooling and cold storage. I know that these needed repairs can be of great benefit to the current and future farmers, who will use the facility’s equipment and services.

    My dad was a farmer who was involved with the planning of the original facility, when the facility was in its first stages and it had only one vacuum cooling unit for 1 pallet. Since then, the facility has evolved in capacity and services that are currently being used today. I myself, am a second generation farmer, who has used the facility for the past 25 years for it’s vacuum cooling and cold storage services.

    My main focus is producing, Spring Mix, Baby Spinach and Baby Arugula. Because of the delicate nature of the harvested produce, I use the Vacuum Cooling services to bring down the core temperature to 34 degrees Fahrenheit and I use the cold storage to maintain that temperature. By bringing the core temperature of the product down, I can greatly improve, maintain quality and also extend the shelf life of my product.

    As you also know, there is a foodsafety concern in the farming community on Maui, as well as the community of Maui County as a whole. This facility will be part of that foodsafety program for any farmers that are willing to use it’s services.

    I, as a farmer, would greatly appreciate any assistance from the County of Maui, in support of making the Kula Vacuum Cooling Plant Facility a better, more productive asset to the County of Maui and the farming community.

    With Sincere Thanks
    And Much Appreciation,

    Craig Nihei
    2659 Omaopio Road
    Kula, Maui, Hawaii 96790

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    Guest User almost 3 years ago

    Aloha Budget, Finance, and Economic Development Committee,

    Please continue to support the Paia Youth and Cultural Center. PYCC is a critically important youth services program that fills a need for many youth. As one of the first youth centers to re-open during the pandemic, PYCC allowed many parents to return to work and contribute to the economy, while knowing their kids were thriving in the enriching environment provided by PYCC. PYCC truly goes above and beyond to provide vital youth support and enrichment and needs continued funding to do so.

    Thank you,
    Rhonda Fosbinder

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    Guest User almost 3 years ago

    I am a parent of a PYCC member. My son Skyler has gone through so many positive changes over the past few years. We believe a big part of his growth and maturing comes from his time spent at PYCC. He has become more responsible for his actions, more respectful, and over all is learning to navigate the world and his environment in positive way. We contribute this to his experiences in our Waldorf based homeschool and his time spent at PYCC. The staff is dedicated to holding a safe, fun space during a very challenge year. We need to do what is right for our community now more then ever. Programs like PYCC are essential for our children who are navigating many different emotions and changes, not only during Covid times, but during a time of personal growth as an individual. These children are our future. We have to support them as best we can, in a world that is constantly changing and processing an intense global situation. Children need a safe, fun, hopeful environment to flourish and experience joy.
    Please continue to fund PYCC. This is a very important decision. Please help the families of Maui. Please keep hope alive for our children and the future they are inheriting. Keep generating the funds that support the youth of Maui! It’s Essential!
    Mahalo for your support...
    Danae Richardson

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    Guest User almost 3 years ago

    Aloha Economic Development and Budget Committee,

    Last fall after a summer of quarantine , my 12 year old son did not want to leave home. He was anxious to do activities with groups and had grown “ too” comfortable at home.

    We encouraged him to attend PYCC once they opened back up. It took encouraging and then He had a panic attack on the way there. I was distraught. I thought it wasn’t going to happen.
    But As soon as we pulled up and saw Brando , their pycc mentor , and he welcomed Owen with stoke and enthusiasm, my son’s whole demeanor changed !! He was confident to be left there and had an amazing day.
    Since then he has been there nearly every day finding his place amongst his peers , experiencing a down winder for the first time , learning how to cook with Ben in the kitchen and sharing his stoke with his peers.

    We are SO grateful for such a wonderful community resource. It has literally changed my kids lives.

    Please support PYCC financially!

    Kind regards and aloha ,

    Dawn Hudson

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    Guest User almost 3 years ago

    Please keep funding pycc it is a very special place for many many kids and their families.

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    Guest User almost 3 years ago

    I hope the county keeps supporting the Pycc. It keeps me from being bored alone at home. I learned how to cook, skate, be on the radio and play pool. Im Ayla Daian and im 11 years old.
    I hope the county keeps supporting Pa’ia Youth and Cultural Center. While at Pycc I learn new things like how to be responsible as a Pycc Intern, I also learned how to surf, body board, skate, cook/bake, and so many more things. I’ve also met so many amazing people and it’s so much fun here at Pycc. I’m Bella Barski and I am 14.
    I hope the county keeps supporting the Pycc, I do not know what I would do without this place . I’m Sia Cuervas and 11.
    I hope the county will keep giving money to the youth center because it feels safe and good here and if it wasn’t here I wouldn’t have as many friends and I wouldn’t grow up to be the person I will be in the future. Sadie Ann Ledesma 9
    My name is Mia and I am 16 years old. I help out with the radio station. I absolutely love the community and the kindness of the Paia Youth Center. I’ve learned skills I thought I would have never learned till I came here and am excited to be a part of the Ohana. They provide amazing programs that kids enjoy and grow from.

    I think that the county should kepp giving money to the youth and culture center because the pycc has givine me a place to explore my skill of baking and singing and I have found new skills like body boarding and many other things I have also made so many new friends and it teaches kids life lessons. I don’t know what I would do with out this Ohana. My name is ronan mangat and I am 9

    Pycc is a great place for kids not only do they have cooking, radio station, and other stuff but they have a really sick skatepark and its really lit to skate. Pycc has made it so I can make new friends and see them often. All in all pycc is a great place and really encouraged me to be the best I can be. –Kelia Emily Williams ,13

    My life is improved by PYCC because it’s not just having fun in the kitchen or skatepark or even in the radio, but communication with great kids- older or younger. Heidi Mehlich – 11.

    The Paia Youth and Culture Center has opened many new and enrichening opportunities for me for the past 4 years I have been coming to this wonderful youth center. It opens up so many awesome and amazing opportunities for kids. It has opened many opportunities for me in my life that will forever better my childhood. –River Humphreys, 13.

    The Paia Youth and Culture Center has given me so many amazing opportunities and tons of memories that I’ll never forget. It provides fun activities like skateboarding, surfing, cooking, adventuring, and going on the radio. PYCC has overall had such a positive and enlightening impact on my life and I’m so grateful that this youth center is a part of my life. –Lily Norris, 14

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    Guest User almost 3 years ago

    Aloha Economic Development and Budget Committee,

    I am a parent of a PYCC member, and I humbly request continued funding for the PYCC and all their great programs. My daughter, who is hapa Hawaiian, was born in Makawao and literally grew up at the PYCC. The PYCC is a SIGNIFICANT provider for many North shore families, and the value for the dollar in their programs and facilities is better than anything! Please continue their current funding, or if possible, increase it.

    Mahalo, Peter