Meeting Time: April 08, 2021 at 9:00am HST

Agenda Item


Legislation Text County Communication 21-30 Testimony from John Blumer-Buell 03-15-2021 Correspondence to EUTF 03-24-2021 and response 03-24-2021 Correspondence to ERS 03-24-2021 and response 04-01-2021 Correspondence from Mayor (FY 2022 Budget bills) 03-25-2021 FY 2022 Mayor's Budget Proposal - Program (03-25-2021) FY 2022 Mayor's Budget Proposal - Synopsis (03-25-2021) (BD-1) Correspondence to Budget Director 03-29-2021 and response 04-05-2021 (FN-1) Correspondence to Finance 03-29-2021 and response 03-31-2021 (BD-2) Correspondence to Budget Director 03-30-2021 and response 04-05-2021 Correspondence from Mayor 03-30-2021 Correspondence to Mayor and Budget Director 03-31-2021 Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Session Procedures 03-31-2021 Executive Summaries for 04-05-2021 meeting from Committee Chair 04-01-2021 OCS FY22 Budget Presentation 04-01-2021 (BD-3) Correspondence to Budget Director 04-01-2021 Councilmembers' questions to departments due 04-01-2021 Revised Councilmembers' priority proposals due 04-02-2021 (OCC-1) Correspondence to County Clerk 04-02-2021 (OCS-1) Correspondence to Council Services 04-02-2021 and response 04-07-2021 (OCA-1) Correspondence to County Auditor 04-02-2021 (CC-1) Correspondence to Corp Counsel 04-02-2021 (EMA-1) Correspondence to Emergency Management Agency 04-02-2021 Executive Summaries for 04-07-2021 meeting from Committee Chair 04-03-2021 (EM-1) Correspondence to Environmental Management 04-03-2-21 (FN-2) Correspondence to Finance 04-03-2021 (FS-1) Correspondence to Fire and Public Safety 04-03-2021 (LC-1) Correspondence to Liquor Control 04-03-2021 (MD-1) Correspondence to Managing Director 04-03-2021 (PS-1) Correspondence to Personnel Services 04-03-2021 Questions to departments from Committee Chair 04-03-2021 (OM-1) Correspondence to Chief of Staff 04-04-2021 (PW-1) Correspondence to Public Works 04-04-2021 (HC-1) Correspondence to Housing and Human Concerns 04-04-2021 (PD-1) Correspondence to Police 04-04-2021 (PR-1) Correspondence to Parks and Recreation 04-04-2021 (PA-1) Correspondence to Prosecuting Attorney 04-04-2021 (WS-1) Correspondence to Water Supply 04-04-2021 Revised FY22 Member Priority Proposal Matrix from Committee Chair 04-05-2021 (TD-1) Correspondence to Transportation 04-05-2021 (PL-1) Correspondence to Planning 04-05-2021 Executive Summaries for 04-08-2021 meeting from Committee Chair 04 06 2021 Executive Summaries for 04-09-2021 meeting from Committee Chair 04 06 2021 OCS salary bill and resolutions from OCS Director 04-07-2021 Informational documents from Councilmember Molina 04-07-2021 Informational documents from Councilmember Johnson 04-08-2021 Informational document from Councilmember Molina 04-08-2021

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