Meeting Time: March 02, 2021 at 1:30pm HST
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Legislation Text County Communication 19-162 Committee Report 20-128 (Recommitted) 10-09-2020 Miscellaneous Communication 10-09-2020 Correspondence to Corp Counsel 07-29-2019 Correspondence to Corp Counsel 08-02-2019 Correspondence from Corp Counsel 08-07-2019 Revised Proposed Resolution 08-07-2019 Correspondence from Water Supply 08-13-2019 Presentation from Water Supply 08-15-2019 Testimony Sierra Club Maui 08-19-2019 Testimony Clare Apana 08-19-2019 Testimony William Greenleaf 09-09-2019 Committee Report 19-110 Presentation from Water Supply 09-26-2019 Testimony Sierra Club Maui 09-30-2019 Testimony Maui Tomorrow Foundation 09-30-2019 Testimony Clare Apana 1 09-30-2019 Testimony Clare Apana 2 09-30-2019 County Communication 20-8 Testimony Dick Mayer 01-22-2020 Presentation from Water Supply Central and Koolau 01-22-2020 Testimony Dick Mayer 05-17-2020 Presentation from Water Supply 05-18-2020 Presentation from Water Supply 05-27-2020 Presentation from Water Supply 06-10-2020 Testimony Lucienne de Naie 06-15-2020 Correspondence to Water Supply 06-17-2020 Correspondence to Water Supply 06-26-2020 Correspondence from Water Supply 06-24-2020 Correspondence from Water Supply 07-01-2020 Correspondence from Water Supply 07-27-2020 Correspondence from Water Supply 08-13-2020 Correspondence to Corp Counsel 08-24-2020 Correspondence from Corp Counsel 08-27-2020 Testimony J Kahala Chrupalyk 09-08-2020 Testimony C Hess 09-08-2020 Testimony Rosemary Robinson 09-08-2020 Testimony Susan Vickery 09-08-2020 Testimony Sandia Siegel 09-08-2020 Testimony Steven Forman 09-08-2020 Testimony eatsurflivelove 09-08-2020 Testimony Leina Shirota-Purdy 09-08-2020 Testimony Julie Paul 09-08-2020 Testimony Joan Heartfield 09-08-2020 Testimony Ku'uipo Keen 09-08-2020 Testimony Theresa Kapaku 09-08-2020 Testimony Barbara Barry 09-09-2020 Testimony Marty Martins 09-09-2020 Testimony Janet Spreiter 09-17-2020 Testimony Deborah Eudene 09-18-2020 Testimony Maile 'Alohi 09-18-2020 Testimony Theresa Kapaku 09-18-2020 Testimony Carla Hess 09-18-2020 Testimony Trahan Miriam 09-18-2020 Testimony Elizabeth Leeds 09-18-2020 Testimony Maya Bendotoff 09-18-2020 Testimony Jennifer Owen 09-18-2020 Testimony Beverly Young 09-21-2020 Committee Report 20-128 Testimony Maui Tomorrow Foundation 10-15-2020 Correspondence to Water Supply 10-28-2020 Testimony Councilmember Paltin 10-29-2020 Correspondence from Water Supply 11-06-2020 Correspondence to Corp Counsel 11-06-2020 Correspondence to Corp Counsel 11-09-2020 Proposed Resolution 11-09-2020 Correspondence from Corp Counsel 11-12-2020 Testimony Scott Werden 11-16-2020 Testimony Kecia Joy 11-16-2020 Testimony Megan Powers 11-16-2020 Testimony Roland Wittel 11-16-2020 Testimony Lyn Scott 11-16-2020 Testimony Naomi Pagano 11-16-2020 Correspondence from Water Supply 11-20-2020 Committee Report 20-156 Testimony Lucienne de Naie 02-15-2021 Presentation from Jeremy Kimura, State of Hawai`i 02-16-2021 Correspondence from Water Supply 02-18-2021 Testimony from Scott Werden 03-01-2021 Presentation from Sierra Club Maui 03-02-2021 Testimony Dawn Lono 03-02-2021
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    Guest User almost 3 years ago

    As a past and soon-to-be-future resident of Maui, and as the mother of a young woman who is a current Haiku resident, I urge the Maui Council Agriculture and Public Trust committee to ensure Haʻikū wells need are truthfully described in the Maui Plan with all the requirements of the East Maui Consent Decree clearly outlined.
    Mahalo for your care and consideration as you strive to do right by the residents and the land.