Meeting Time: November 18, 2020 at 1:30pm HST

Agenda Item


Legislation Text County Communication 20-207 County Communication 20-275 Correspondence from Mayor 05-21-2020 Correspondence from Councilmember Sinenci 05-22-2020 Correspondence from Councilmember Hokama 05-22-2020 Correspondence from Councilmember Paltin 05-22-2020 Correspondence from Council Chair 05-22-2020 Correspondence from Councilmember Molina 05-29-2020 Correspondence to Mayor 05-31-2020 Correspondence from Councilmember King 06-03-2020 Correspondence from Councilmember Paltin 06-03-2020 Correspondence from Tom Blackburn-Rodriguez 06-04-2020 Correspondence from Lisa Darcy 06-04-2020 Correspondence from Budget Director 06-15-2020 Correspondence to Managing Director 06-15-2020 Correspondence to Housing and Human Concerns 06-15-2020 Correspondence from Mayor 06-09-2020 Coronavirus Relief Fund Hawaii State-County Handbook 06-03-2020 Correspondence from Managing Director 06-26-2020 Correspondence from Housing and Human Concers 06-25-2020 Correspondence to Mayor 07-06-2020 Testimony from Linda Love 07-08-2020 Maui Food Hub Business Plan June 2020 Maui Food Hub Feasibility Study Correspondence from Managing Director 07-22-2020 Correspondence from Budget Director 07-31-2020 Correspondence to Managing Director 08-11-2020 Correspondence from Managing Director 08-24-2020 CARES Expenditure Report from Budget Director 08-27-2020 Correspondence to Mayor 09-08-2020 Testimony from Thomas Okudara Jr. 09-09-2020 Testimony from Jeannette Lucero 09-10-2020 Testimony from Karen Worthington 09-10-2020 Testimony from Felicitas Livaudais09-10-2020 Testimony from Linda Puppolo 09-10-2020 Testimony from Katie Folio 09-10-2020 Testimony from Venus Rosete-Medeiros 09-10-2020 Testimony from Nancy Roberson 09-10-2020 Testimony from Kathy and Mike Carroll 09-10-2020 Testimony from Rosemary Robinson 09-10-2020 Testimony from Alakai Paleka 09-10-2020 Testimony from Paige De Ponte 09-10-2020 Testimony from Lauren Loor 09-10-2020 Testimony from Grant Chun 09-10-2020 Testimony from David Litman 09-10-2020 Testimony from Karey Kapoi 09-10-2020 Testimony from Stephanie Ohigashi 09-10-2020 Testimony of Jessica Pazos 09-10-2020 Testimony of Keahi Ho 09-10-2020 Testimony of Kaiulani Galon 09-10-2020 Testimony from Ronda Pali 09-10-2020 Testimony from Steven Bruhjell 09-10-2020 Testimony from Kristopher Galon 09-10-2020 Testimony from Keku DePonte 09-10-2020 Testimony from Juli Patao 09-10-2020 Testimony from Kahulu Maluo 09-10-2020 Testimony from Faith Chase 09-10-2020 Correspondence from Budget Director (CARES Report) 09-10-2020 Testimony from Donaldson 09-11-2020 Testimony froim Marian Scott 09-11-2020 Testimony from Laurie Tanner 09-11-2020 Testimony from Marci Cortisse 09-11-2020 Testimony from Colleen Inouye 09-13-2020 Correspondence to Managing Director 09-14-2020 Correspondence to Michael Rembis 09-14-2020 Correspondence to Budget Director 09-15-2020 Correspondence from Council Chair 09-23-2020 #MauiCARES August 2020 Correspondence from Managing Director 09-23-2020 Correspondence from Michael Rembis 09-25-2020 Correspondence to Mayor 09-30-2020 Testimony from Greg Vanderlaan 10-05-2020 Correspondence to Managing Director 10-05-2020 Correspondence to Finance 10-05-2020 Correspondence to Mayor 10-05-2020 Correspondence to Economic Development 10-05-2020 Correspondence to Environmental Management 10-05-2020 Correspondence to Emergency Management Agency 10-05-2020 Correspondence to Housing and Human Concerns 10-05-2020 Correspondence to Planning 10-052020 Correspondence to Parks and Recreation 10-05-2020 Correspondence to Transportation 10-05-2020 Correspondence to Water Supply 10-05-2020 Correspondene to Budget Director 10-05-2020 Correspondence from Budget Director 10-05-2020 Testimony from Paige De Ponte 10-07-2020 Correspondence from Councilmember Paltin 10-07-2020 Correspondence to Budget Director 10-13-2020 Correspondence from Councilmember Molina 10-16-2020 Correspondence to Environmental Management 10-20-2020 Correspondence from Environmental Management 11-02-2020 Correspondence from Finance 11-12-2020

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