Meeting Time: October 19, 2020 at 1:30pm HST

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    Lee Chamberlain 9 months ago

    Subject: Proposal for the Integration of MECO and Appropriate Departments in Rebuilding Lahaina's Power Grid and Advancing the West Maui Greenway Project
    To whom it may concern
    I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to bring to your attention an important opportunity that could greatly benefit Lahaina and the broader community in the wake of the recent emergency proclamation following the August 8 fires. This opportunity involves the integration of the Maui Electric Company (MECO) and relevant state departments in the reconstruction of Lahaina's power grid, alongside the advancement of the West Maui Greenway project.
    The West Maui Greenway project has made significant progress, including the completion of the Final Plan, its inclusion in the County of Maui Public Works Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP), and secured funding under the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) MC28. It is poised to serve multiple critical functions, including accommodating underground utilities, which can greatly enhance its value to the community.
    Here are key points supporting the case for advancing this project, especially in the context of Lahaina's recovery efforts:
    1. Resilience and Sustainability: The West Maui Greenway's incorporation of green infrastructure, underground utilities, and resilience features aligns perfectly with the goal of creating a more resilient and sustainable community, crucial in the aftermath of the August 8 fires.
    2. Multi-Use Benefits: This project offers multiple benefits, including recreation, transportation, and utility accommodation. It embraces the principle of providing alternative transportation solutions and modernizing ground transportation infrastructure, as outlined in Act 131.
    3. Alignment with Legislation and Policies: Hawaii's legislative efforts and policies that emphasize clean transportation, safety, and sustainable transportation infrastructure dovetail seamlessly with this project's objectives.
    4. Integration with State Goals: The project aligns with the State Climate Commission's focus on clean transportation choices and Act 131's mission to create a sustainable multimodal transportation system for Hawaii.
    5. Economic Vitality: It has the potential to boost economic vitality, public health, livability, and overall quality of life, which is particularly important during the post-emergency recovery phase.
    6. Infrastructure Upgrades: Investment in infrastructure upgrades that accommodate the community's evolving needs, such as high-capacity broadband infrastructure, can drive economic and community development while embracing technological advancements.
    7. Proven Resilience: Underground utilities are known for their resilience and reliability during natural disasters, aligning perfectly with the need for a robust infrastructure system in Lahaina after the fires.
    8. Regular Maintenance: The inclusion of underground utilities beneath the Greenway offers a practical solution for ongoing maintenance, ensuring the long-term value and sustainability of both the Greenway and the utilities.
    Considering these factors, I believe there is a compelling case for advancing the West Maui Greenway project in conjunction with rebuilding Lahaina's power grid. This integrated approach not only enhances the resilience of Lahaina's infrastructure but also contributes to a sustainable, modern, and economically vibrant community.
    I kindly request that you consider exploring this proposal with the relevant departments, including the Maui Electric Company, to assess the feasibility and potential benefits of this integration. Your support for such a initiative could have a lasting positive impact on Lahaina and the entire state of Hawaii.
    Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and insights on this proposal.

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    Kecia Joy over 3 years ago

    More public involvement in the water plan is needed. I am in support of deferring the Water Use Development Plan to June 31, 2021 to give ALL of us MORE time to look over this important plan and be able to give input. Please know how important water is to everyone and how much a fair plan is imperative. Thank you for doing what is pono for the people.
    Mahalo Nui,
    Kecia Joy, Kihei