Meeting Time: September 08, 2020 at 1:30pm HST

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Legislation Text County Communication 16-37 Correspondence to Public Works dated 03-07-2016 Correspondence to Parks and Recreation dated 03-14-2016 Correspondence from Public Works 03-15-2016 Memo to IEM-52 dated 03-18-2016 Correspondence from Parks and Recreation 03-18-2016 Memo from Committee Chair Cochran dated 03-22-2016 with warning letter by Department of Agriculture Committee Chair Cochran dated 03-22-2016 with American Academy of Pediatrics publication on pesticide exposure in children Committee Chair Cochran dated 03-22-2016 with Irvine City Council request for city council action to develop policy on organic pesticide use Committee Chair Cochran dated 03-22-2016 with Richmond City Council ordinance on use of integrated pest management Sylvia Wu, Hawaii Center for Food Safety, with computer-generated presentation Stephanie Neimiller, Cutting Edge Formulations, with computer-generated presentation Jay Feldman, Beyond Pesticides, with computer-generated presentation Jay Feldman, Beyond Pesticides, with comments and information dated 03-22-2016 Testimony 1-30 (combined) Testimony 31-35 (combined) Testimony from Sylvia Cabral 03-28-2017 Correspondence to Corp Counsel 02-08-2017 Correspondence from Corp Counsel 02-24-2017 Correspondence to Corp Counsel 07-24-2020 Testimony from Rosemary Robinson 09-03-2020 Testimony from Rebecca Mayer 09-04-2020 Testimony from Shannon Rudolph 09-04-2020 Testimony from Harry Prince 09-04-2020 Testimony from C. Rose Reilly 09-04-2020 Testimony from Elizabeth Anderson 09-04-2020 Testimony from Patricia Westbrook 09-04-2020 Testimony from Susan Douglas 09-04-2020 Testimony from Maryrose 09-04-2020 Testimony from Phylissa Bram 09-04-2020 Testimony from Representative Tina Wildberger 09-04-2020 Testimony from Madolin Wells 09-04-2020 Testimony from Joseph Kohn MD 09-04-2020 Testimony from Eva Bondar 09-04-2020 Testimony from Lisa Darcy 09-05-2020 Testimony from Rev. M. Conyers 09-05-2020 Testimony from Dale Bonar 09-05-2020 Testimony from Lantana Hoke 09-05-2020 Testimony from Rebecca Sydney 09-07-2020(1) Testimony from Becca Chopra 09-07-2020 Testimony from Rebecca Sydney 09-07-2020(2) Testimony from Mike Moran 09-07-2020 Testimony from Anne Rillero 09-07-2020 Testimony from yolomaui 09-07-2020 Testimony from Sylvia Cabral 09-07-2020 Testimony from Autumn Ness 09-07-2020(1) Testimony from Autumn Ness 09-07-2020(2) Testimony from Reverend Bodhi Be 09-07-2020 Testimony from Sulara James 09-07-2020 Testimony from Carol Lee Kamekona 09-08-2020 Testimony from Steve LaFleur 09-08-2020 Testimony from Robin Newbold 09-08-2020(1) Testimony from Sunny Savage 09-08-2020 Testimony from Robin Newbold 09-08-2020(2) Testimony from Michelle McDermott 09-08-2020 Testimony from Larry Stevens 09-08-2020 Testimony from Bren Taylor 09-08-2020 Testimony from Michael Fogarty 09-08-2020 Testimony from Chris Kinzle 09-08-2020 Testimony from Robin Proctor 09-08-2020 Testimony from Mavis Oliveira-Medeiros 09-08-2020 Testimony from Suzanne Hume 09-08-2020 Testimony from Warren Watanabe 09-08-2020 Testimony from Phyllis Shimabukuro-Geiser 09-08-2020

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  • Default_avatar
    Connor Kalahiki about 3 years ago

    As a kanaka maoli resident of Hawaiʻi, the health of the ʻāina and the kaiāulu are at the forefront of my concern. I am writing to ask that you please support the IPM in order to end the adverse effects of toxic synthetic pesticides in parks and parkways in Maui. Pesticides have shown to be linked to birth defects, cancer, developmental problems, neurological issues, among a host of other health concerns. We must protect our keiki.
    Mahalo nō,
    Connor Kalāhiki

  • Default_avatar
    Robin Leimomi Proctor about 3 years ago

    I along with my Ohana support a bill for an ordinance establishing Chapter 2.50, Maui County Code.
    It is time to stop the unconscious, reckless, expensive poisoning of our ʻĀina. There are viable alternatives to herbicides including steaming with just water as my Ohana business provides, weed whacking...
    Replacing synthetics with natural is less expensive and you have the experts with Beyond Pesticides offering guidance, as well as labor.
    Mahalo nui,
    Robin Leimomi Proctor

  • Default_avatar
    Ti DC about 3 years ago

    I would like to testify in support of restricting pesticide use in parks & roadways on Maui, for the health & safety of our community & aina. There are organic safe options. Scientific studies have shown significant evidence that pesticide exposure causes a variety of autoimmune, cognitive, organ, & respiratory issues as well as polluted the air, wildlife, waters, and island we call home. Please protect our citizens and beautiful island from the use of toxic pesticides being sprayed.

  • Default_avatar
    Madolin Wells about 3 years ago


    The play of our keiki, ohana, and pets at parks and fields needs health and safety. For generations families have enjoyed nature without fear of poisoning. Nature making little ones sick could steal their trust, their hope in the future.

    We need our kupuna live to pass on their wisdom, not have damaged lungs or skin imperil their longevity.

    Wildlife needs to be safe because once it is gone, it will be too late for endangered species to return.


    Madolin Wells, Kihei

  • 10217238959142874
    Dale Bonar about 3 years ago

    I fully support this bill to prohibit the County's purchase or use of certain pesticides and fertilizers to safeguard the health and welfare of County of Maui employees, residents, and visitors and to conserve and protect the County's waterways and natural resources,
    PLEASE Support passage of this bill.

    Dale B. Bonar
    400 Aulii Drive
    Makawao, HI 96768
    Hm: 808-573-1960
    Cell: 808-357-7740